Gardening With Wright Locke Farm

We had a fantastic day gardening on May 19th with Megan from Wright Locke Farm!  If you haven't had a chance to see the raised beds, come check them out.  There are herb, kale, and lettuce seedlings, husk cherries and calendula seedlings, and plenty of seeds went in to grow peas, beans, herbs, various pollinator flowers, and more.  The kids also introduced some earth worms to their new homes in the raised beds.

Keep checking back here to see how the gardens are doing each week, with photos and updates by Stratton students and families as they help care for the gardens by watering them weekly.  Let us know what's growing, what you've harvested (and how it tasted), and any other comments you'd like to share with the rest of the Stratton community!


Week 1

After over a week of hot dry weather since planting and nearly daily visits to water, we’re now getting a deluge of rainy cold days over the long weekend.  So far, the seedlings are growing and doing well! Also, lots of germination happening: the peas, beans, and radishes have all come up. A few nasturtiums and cosmos are peaking through the soil as well. Looking forward to seeing the garden progress over the coming weeks!